Caregivers experience immense burden when caring for their loved one who is suffering from mental illness. They have a great need to understand more about the illness, to learn coping skills and to obtain fellow support from one another. The best person who can show empathy to a caregiver is another caregiver who has gone through the same journey. To meet the needs of caregivers, CAL has adopted a Caregiver-to-Caregiver approach in all their programmes.


Caregiver-to-Caregiver Education Programme (C2C)

CAL’s signature C2C Education Programme is a free training programme providing caregivers with in-depth information about mental illness, and the best way to provide care for them. From this programme, caregivers also learn how to take care of themselves, receive emotional support, and become empowered in their caregiving journey.

This 12-week programme is taught by trained caregiver leaders who themselves are providing care for persons with mental illness.

What do Caregivers gain from the C2C training?

  • A platform for caregivers to ventilate and share
  • Emotional support from peers/counsellor when in distress
  • Exchange information
  • Learn from other caregivers
  • Gain knowledge about loved one’s condition
  • Gain valuable care-giving skills to support care-giving journey
  • Learn how to support loved one’s recovery

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C2C training

Individual Training and Support (ITS)

While the group environment of our C2C programme provides an important base of support for caregivers, the Individual and Support Programme (ITS) addresses the needs of caregivers who are unable to attend the 12-week C2C classes in our training centres.  Once a clear need is assessed, a Caregiver Support Specialist will meet with you in a convenient location near your home to provide individual training and support.

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Individual training and support