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Here are some FAQ:

I am a Caregiver of someone with mental illness. How can CAL help me?
CAL can help by giving you training free of charge, organising monthly support group sessions, providing resources, and by developing Caregiver leaders who can provide peer support to other Caregivers. For enquiries, please contact general@cal.org.sg

Is the Caregivers-to-Caregivers (C2C) training education programme free of charge?
Yes, our C2C training education programmes are conducted completely free of charge. However, any voluntary donations that you may contribute would go a long way in ensuring that we continue to provide such programmes to all caregivers in the future.

Why would I need training as a Caregiver?
Training can better equip Caregivers with the best tools and techniques to give care, to communicate effectively and manage expectations.

How would the C2C training benefit me as a Caregiver?
The C2C training programme is completely free and will help increase your understanding of mental illnesses and how they are treated. Caregivers can build their knowledge about medications and how best to facilitate compliance, strengthen problem solving and communication skills, improve their ability to handle a crisis and strengthen their own ability to care for themselves as Caregivers.

How can I join a Caregivers Support Group?
Simply email us at general@cal.org.sg 

How can the Caregivers Support Group help?
Caring for persons with mental illness is a stressful and tiring journey. Caregivers Support Groups (CSG) are monthly meetings organised by CAL, bringing together Caregivers of persons with mental illness with the aim of encouraging, sharing and networking with peers in similar situations.

How long will my loved one be this helpless?
The recovery process of your loved one is contingent on many factors. However, caregivers can take solace in the fact that they can play an active role in helping their loved ones get better and lead a relatively normal life. While these factors are numerous and often tailored to their loved ones, we will do utmost to cover these topics and assist caregivers in their journey during our C2C programme.

How can I apply as a volunteer?
Feel free to write in to general@cal.org.sg or contact us at +65 67536578.

Where can I learn more about mental illness?
Please read our description of mental illnesses by selecting the appropriate menu option above or Click here.

Who can I call if I need help now?
Please check our list of Helplines.