A Journey of Recovery

Submitted by:

Cindy and Valerie

A Supportive Environment Aids Recovery:

  • Encourage family members and friends to attend C2C together so they are better able to support their loved ones.
  • When caregivers differ in their thinking and understanding of mental illness, it affects negatively on their loved one’s recovery.

From Cindy Tan, mother:

“How a caregiver supports the loved one in the recovery journey is how to build a good relationship. To me, building a good relationship is hard and tough. If we can build a relationship with our loved one as best friend, as a mother and as a guardian, they will have someone to talk to release their burdens. Relationships are investments. The more you put in, the more you get back. Be sensitive to what your loved one likes and needs. Be open to change. Take this as a challenge to improve your own attitude and character. If we can build a good relationship with our loved ones, we should be building a good relationship with anyone.“

From Valerie Liu, daughter:

“A recovery journey is hard for both parties, for caregivers and their loved ones. It needs two hands to clap with love, care, concern and patience. Especially, following up of loved one’s condition, their needs from their bottom of their hearts and having a positive mind-set.”

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